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marketing plan stages

marketing plan stages

We can never consider that fixing a marketing or marketing plan is that the easiest task within the world, actually it’s necessary to understand all the required stages that you simply must follow to define the business and marketing procedures to the fullest.

1- Executive Summary
To start fixing the Marketing Plan correctly, the primary step is to develop an executive summary. this suggests exactly an easy and brief introduction to the marketing plan that briefly explains the most points and document topics.
The executive summary is a crucial point in every document because it collects the business plan and marketing procedures, and it’s two main functions: the primary is to permit a rapid detection and investigation of the corporate and therefore the plans it sets,

The executive summary is that the last part because it can only be prepared after you’ve got done the analytical process, writing and reviewing the details within the marketing plan.

In conclusion, we never want this executive summary to incorporate some points that aren’t already present within the document, right?
2- Personalities of the customer persona within the target market
Describing the right personalities for your business persona or characters that represent the audience is a component of the marketing plan which will never be forgotten.
We remind you that the persona may be a representation that’s very different from the intended audience.
While the audience describes demographic data, the persona representation provides demographic and complementary data. As a result, the persona representation is beneficial in providing a more complete description of the standard and appropriate customer, who interacts and thinks while purchasing.

But why is it so necessary to incorporate the characteristics of the persona representation within the marketing plan?
Because only during this way, you’ll define the strategies to be put within the plan, and define the tone, style, style and kinds of selling content which will be used.

3- Marketing strategies
After you understand the business person’s typical client personality, it’s time to write down and description the marketing strategies which will be put in situ to succeed in the goals you plan to realize.
Thanks to the many growths in online marketing and promotion channels, there are thousands of selling strategies which will be implemented simultaneously.
But it’s necessary to define these strategies with tons of wisdom, taking under consideration the characteristics of the persona (persona) and therefore the stage during which you’re on the acquisition journey, thus you’re not exposed to the risks of handling promotional channels and using them and your audience doesn’t exist.
Through daily, weekly, monthly or maybe every 3 month flows. Everything depends on the precise flow and workflow and therefore the objectives set.
Who will prepare the contents? which may be prepared internally within the company or by others (freelancers)
Distributive channels like blog, media, landing pages, YouTube channel, traffic or paid visits… etc.
We remind you that each business or business requires different strategies. I study well the market you’re employed in, also because the public to enhance conditions.
4- The customer’s journey or the acquisition journey
In order for the marketing procedures to figure well and reach the specified goal within the marketing plan, it’s essential that you simply familiarize yourself with all the stages that the standard customer goes through until he makes the acquisition.


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