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Blog is a simple site to earn money . So it’s ideal for you to post content . you specify 3 times to post every week .

for instance . you want to adhere to the amount that you simply specified.

1- Work to diversify the contents and topics that you simply write within the blog

if you propose to broaden the audience and followers of what you write within the blog.

it’s indispensable to write down topics.  that every sort of readers finds itself in one among your topics.
This strategy is necessary . because it helps you to draw attention to your blog.

it’s not necessary for the reader entering your blog to be a scientist of your business . or know what you offer of products and services .

so read the article. At an equivalent time, it recognizes your blog and reaches your website.
In fact the more rich the content. in multiple formats, it contains pictures, videos and graphics, the more integrated and enjoyable.

2- Decide what actions you would like your audience to require

This step is said to some strategic articles that introduce your business .

Before we call these calls within the English Call to Action or abbreviated CTA.
This invitation could be: subscribe the newsletter on your site, or subscribe your YouTube channel and more …

3 – Create an inventory of contacts with e-mail addresses of potential customers who you get from the blog

Remember that your goal in writing. It is to earn money from the blog.  this is often done by trying to win some readers who are appropriate for what you write.
One of the methods that basically helps you.

the e-mail address of those customers.

organize an inventory of that.

To really assist you win your email address from these audiences, you’ll follow a number of the subsequent strategies:
• Providing free, informative content with rich materials:

Provide such content as pdf or infographic graphics explaining to them
• Create a blog registration form:

Submit forms for communications via your blog. you’ll found out a newsletter or simply notify subscribers of latest content. Make them feel special because they share your list. For example: Get new topics exclusively before everyone else.
Create webinars: After winning an outsized volume of visits to the blog, you’ll promote dialogue sessions to debate the subject of being live LIVE, or marketing a product and requesting e-mail from users to access and use it.

4- Partnerships with other blogs

So your goal is to realize more traffic and permit new audiences to familiarize yourself with the blog. then you ought to really believe forming partnerships with other blogs, in order that they enjoy their audience also .
It is imperative that these companies aren’t directly competing with you, okay?
You can make space for a piece of writing exchange between the 2 blogs.

5- Expand your presence by creating accounts on Social Media

If you would like to earn money from the blog .you want to be present on many social networks, and publish exclusive posts and posters that strengthen communication with the general public .
But attention: notice which social networks the customer actually uses and exploits them.

there are many options, because if you are trying to use all networks at an equivalent time. you’ll lose focus and you’ll not benefit greatly from this strategy and useful sites.

6- Analyze the results you get

Discover the pages and articles that have the very best rates of entry. the topics that got the foremost time to follow and therefore the readers remain. find out the countries from which the foremost entry rates to your articles come from. By doing this, you’ll take all of those notes under consideration in preparing your next content.

7- Make permanent improvements

By providing these notes and analyzes that you simply made for the blog.

the way becomes open for you to suggest the required adjustments and steel oneself against the important improvements that bring you more results.
In the meantime, attempt to apply the aspects that led you to amazing and beneficial results. and check out to reflect or avoid reapplying strategies that didn’t reflect the results that you simply were hoping for. it’s indispensable to follow the developments, new technical news and trends within the market, cash in of them and write new topics which will lead you to draw in more attention to your blog, and check out to be the son of the instant and master of the location and precede your competitors to the present useful technology.
When your followers notice that you simply are maintaining with everything new. Then check out to supply all the novelties to them.

they become more attached to you and your blog, which really helps you gain their loyalty, steel oneself against greater success in sales and earn money from the blog.

8- Master SEO techniques to enhance the visibility of your blog among search results

It goes without saying that you simply pay close attention to those techniques, because they’re a really effective weapon in helping you to rank first among the search leads to the articles that you simply write within the blog.
We have a whole article that teaches you tons about SEO or SEO technologies read it.
This is another factor and another competitive advantage that you simply can cash in of and harness to your advantage, so attempt to use it the maximum amount as possible, it’s not difficult or complicated, only there are some tips and practices that you simply can implement, try it already and obtain wont to it and you’ll end up shining together with your topics and within the primary page

Examples of these rules include:
* The SEO Title must also contain the keyword for the article . preferably at the start .
* it’s useful to place within the text of the article a link that results in an external site External Link, and this features a great role in raising the speed of the domain authority or the domain of your blog (Domain Authority) and increase the reference of your blog among blogs within the field of performance …

9- make some publications

As we talked about before. it’s indispensable that you simply always attempt to shine the spotlight. on what you offer within the blog. for this reason, attempt to fund some strategic articles and topics that assist you attract more traffic and network movements.
So The good news on now is that you simply do not have to spend tons of cash .

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